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Oct 15, 2012 12:55am EDT
to tell you what to do. that is for the hspcu's for doubling their money. it is for the latinos to stay here. we can say hello to our veterans. all of the communities that have a shot. a committee -- president for the 100%, up 47%. virginians in 24 days, as have his back. reelected barack obama. when we think about what is at stake, which cannot be involved unless we are registered to vote. on monday, october 15, that is the registration deadline for virginia. you cannot be part of this process, as you can. you think about what is at stake. many of us have been traveling through virginia. some of us were down in north carolina. usually, you go around and somebody will hand out a lot of different business cards. during that stop, she stopped and she was about to turn around. she realized there was a card in her hand, it was a health insurance card. the woman said that i have cancer. they told me that i have cancer, eye and a pre-existing condition. because of the president, i now have health care and i am now cancer free. i just wanted to say thank you. for the people of the great common
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1